Many people who advocate gun control say there is nothing wrong with banning assault rifles like the AR-15 that was used in Aurora, Colorado or Newtown, CT. Their reasoning is that our founding fathers did not intend to protect people’s rights to own assault rifles. When asked how would you know that? Their answer is because our founding fathers could not imagine assault rifles. Well, if that’s the case, I don’t think our founding fathers would have imagined a self contained cartridge of a lead bullet, gun powder and primer, encased in a brass container, which means that ALL modern weapons would be outside of their imagination. So, as logic goes, this is very simple, either the 2nd Amendment supports all weapons or only flint-lock, muzzle-loaders that fire may be two bullets in a minute. If other parts of the Constitution is interpretable and adaptable to principles versus what was originally intended then we should take the same view with regard to the 2nd Amendment. So, for example, the Constitution reads that all men are equal, refer to the President as he, his and him and only allow men to vote. So, if we were to take the viewpoint of the people who advocate for banning assault weapons because it was not what the founding fathers intended then we should not have allowed women to vote and given equal rights to minorities, because the founding fathers believed that women and minorities were inferior to men and caucasians, respectively, and, in the case of minorities (blacks in particular), the founding fathers may have thought them more animal-like than human, but in any event certainly not equal to caucasians.

This is yet another example of how people don’t know how to think and reason, and certainly an example of isolated thinking that falls apart upon closer scrutiny and in broader contextual analysis. This is the type of “thinking” that has and continues to screw-up our country in more ways than one. To solve our problems, the first thing that we need to do is teach people how to think based on rational and sensible morals and values.

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