It’s hilarious to me that morons that go around saying, “you shouldn’t generalize,” don’t even realize that they are generalizing. There is nothing wrong with generalizing as long as it is factual, rational, demonstrable, provable or based on personal experience. However, if it is a personal experience or a regional, even national generalization then one must be prepared to change one’s view based on new information, paradigm change, or specific exceptions. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with acting on generalizations, either; however, one must be very careful when it comes to specific instances of a generalization. For example, according to US Bureau of Justice Statistics for 2011, almost 61% of prison inmates in federal and state prisons were blacks and hispanics. So, we can say that in general the majority of prison inmates in state and federal prisons are blacks and hispanics. So, does this mean that we should treat all blacks and hispanics as criminals? Of course not! Generalizations aren’t bad. What conclusions that people draw from generalizations aren’t even necessarily bad. What’s bad is that people take generalizations and act on them in specific cases or instances in an inappropriate manner, e.g., treating all blacks and hispanics as criminals or potential criminals based on the US Bureau of Justice Statistics. This is what is poisonous to society. So, be careful how you apply generalizations and be conscientious of how you apply generalizations. Again, and equally importantly, be prepared to change your views as new information and facts are made available to you, and as paradigm changes occur. One funny thing: A lot of very high IQ people go around saying, “you shouldn’t generalize.” This means that smart people aren’t always wise.

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