Due to our democratic sensibilities and our penchant for equality as a substitute for Justice, every Citizen of the USA gets one vote regardless of pretty much anything. So, someone who did not graduate high school, doesn’t have a job or is intermittently employed, doesn’t know anything about economics, hasn’t paid much, if any, taxes and is often the recipient of welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and other federal and state benefits gets a say in how I have to spend my money. Does this strike anyone as completely and utterly unfair? If it doesn’t then you are one of the biggest problems confronting our country. The bottom-line is that no one other than the person who earned the money should have control of the money. And, please don’t say anything inane such as, “you didn’t earn the money on your own!” If you really think that then you have bigger problems than disagreeing with me. If you want to know why, read a post that I will write in the future addressing this specific issue.

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