It is outrageous, absolutely outrageous that the President of our country and 51.1% of the voters in this country think they have the right to tell me how to use my money. It is more outrageous that Obama thinks that a balanced approach to solving the national debt problem and budget deficit is to raise taxes on the rich as well as reducing spending. Most people think that this is fair, but it isn’t, not even close. And, it isn’t fair nor Just because the top 10% already burden more than 70% of the income taxes while making only 43% of the income. How much is going to be enough? When the rich burden 80%, 90%, 100%?! Why should the existing free-loaders and almost free-loaders be allowed to dictate how much more they get of other people’s money when they had nothing to do with the creation of that wealth or were already paid to provide the services that helped to create the wealth? Therefore, the only fair and Just resolution to the budget deficit would be to cut spending and give back control of rich people’s money back to the rich and keep both government and freeloaders from dictating to the rich how and when to spend their money. In fact, the only way to be Just and fair is to privatize all social programs and cut taxes by 25%-75% for the vast majority of Americans that actually pay more than a token amount of taxes. It is time for a change.

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