The fiscal cliff deal passed by Congress is great for the country and the economy in the short-run, but in the long-run, we couldn’t have done much worse or inflicted more damage to our future. From a moral and value perspective, this deal was a catastrophe. It, yet again, memorialized and sanctioned the use of stolen money to do so called “good.” By legalizing the additional theft of monies from the rich, the political leadership in this country continues to distort and disregard moral principals. The key factor that people don’t seem to understand is that the money earned by individuals belongs to the individuals and ONLY to the individuals. The concept that individuals didn’t earn their money on their own is nonsense, and I have repeatedly proven this to people I’ve had discussions with regarding this matter, i.e., I’ve never lost this argument. However, regardless of this unshakeable moral foundation and basis to my argument, people continue to insist that taxing the wealthy disproportionately way more is Just and fair. When asked to explain why, the only argument that someone can come up with is because the rich can afford it. Never mind the fact that affordability is a matter of personal opinion, people don’t want to acknowledge the fact that no one other than the person who earned the money should have any say in how the money is spent. This despite the fact that people admit that they are wrong about people not earning their money on their own or that if the rich didn’t earn their money on their own than neither did the poor. This oxymoron seems indecipherable until one looks at the behavior of drug addicts. They know that the drug that they’re addicted to isn’t good for them and that there is at least an element of immorality in taking drugs; however, the vast majority of drug addicts are incapable of weening themselves off of the drugs. The parallels don’t stop there. The short-term relief of taking drugs is, apparently, very satisfying and pleasant to the addict, but the long-term consequences are devastating. Also, stopping drug dependency is not only extremely difficult, but also incredibly hard and painful, not just to the addict but to those that care for the individual.

Seeing liberals/socialists arguments in terms of drug addiction for why the rich should be forced to pay more taxes, so that social spending can not only continue, but also continue to increase explains a lot. However, unlike a drug addict, the liberals/socialists have the means to impose their will on the rest of us almost at will. Of course, they do this through the legitimization of the vote and the so called “democratic process.” This is precisely why I’m advocating for the Constitutional Amendment protecting the rights of individuals to not only their property, but also to their income and capital gains. However, I would carve out provisions for three things: 1) Self-defense, 2) Infrastructure, and 3) Education. This means that the federal government must privatize all social programs, including medicare/medicaid, social security, welfare, food stamps, and any and all subsidies, among others. In addition, and on a temporary basis, I would look to institute a special tax to pay down the federal debt to manageable and sustainable levels. Finally, if individuals do not want to pay for the three items then their Citizenship will be stripped and they will be deported from this country, never to be allowed to visit, do business, or earn an income from our country.

Many people object to my plan on the basis and presumption of the pain that they perceive will be inflicted on the poor, but they can’t/don’t seem to be able to see beyond this point and are severely blinded by their sympathies. However, I would argue that if taxes are cut by some 25%-75% on the wealthier segment of our population, charitable donations would rise and both spending and investments would rise dramatically as well. This should eventually filter into the economy, which would them spur job growth, the likes of which we have never seen, at least not since the industrial revolution. In addition, the pain that my plan would cause, isn’t a reflection of how bad my plan is, but a reflection of how bad our country’s addiction to stolen money is. Again, this parallels drug addiction recovery plans, which are highly painful to addicts in the short-term, but which are very good for them and the people that love them in the long-term.

The most important thing to understand is that the money that people earn, whether they’re rich or poor, belongs only to the person that earned it, and control of that money should be left in the individual’s hands as much as possible to effectuate a fair and Just society. From there, the logical and rational actions that need to take place to uphold absolute income rights becomes quite simple to articulate and understand. Of course, like always, when great paradigm shifts occur, the resistance and inertia, coupled with the myopia of the masses becomes the greatest hurdle to implementing Justice. History of our country is replete with examples: Emancipation, suffrage, integration, civil rights, etc.

I welcome rational comments.

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