Bloomberg said in an interview that killing will be reduced if guns are more difficult to acquire and he derided the comment that if guns aren’t available for killing that other weapons would be used to kill. Bloomberg may be good at business and he may know how to generate profits, but he’s pretty damn stupid when it comes to running a city, understanding rights, and gun control. Look, people thought that alcohol was dangerous and a terrible influence on people, so Congress passed a law abolishing alcohol sales in the USA. We all know how successful that was. The more difficult government makes the acquisition of goods that are in demand the more illicit sources of the product we will encourage to develop; this is not rocket science and history is replete with examples. When lawful sources of a product that has strong demand becomes more and more difficult to come by, it will encourage unlawful sources to blossom. In addition, when one source is not available, substitute products will be made available, legal or otherwise. So, when guns become difficult to acquire, when crazies want to do crazy things, they’ll find substitute products to do it with, and, yes, explosives of all kinds can easily be made from everyday household products (look it up on the internet). Therefore, blind restrictions of any weapons can only hurt the innocent and responsible owners of guns, not to mention violating the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.

This is not to say that we should not have any gun control. There are sensible ways we can manage the proliferation of guns. But a blanket ban on assault weapons is stupid, period, full-stop, the end. That’s no different than saying, we’re going to eliminate all sale of vodka, because vodka is the most favored drink of drunk drivers (I’m making that correlation up, as an example). All that’s going to do is encourage potential drunk drivers to switch drinking to scotch or gin or rum … etc. So then, these short-sighted numb nuts are going to want to abolish all hard liquors then wines then beers then anything that resembles alcohol, and now we’re back to Prohibition. So what are the ways that we can better control gun proliferation?

Before I get there, I want to go back to the title of this post: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The problem is that this statement is nothing but a cliche in most people’s mind, but if you find it to be a cliche then you are probably one of the people that are unwittingly contributing to random gun violence. I know you’re outraged at such a statement, but hear me out. If you find the statement, guns don’t kill people, people kill people (The Statement), nothing but a cliche or think it’s an oversimplification or is trite or worse don’t get it then you don’t know how to think and don’t know how to get to the root cause of an issue. The Statement is the root cause of why gun violence happens, which means that guns aren’t the issue, people are the issue. Therefore, the key to eliminating gun violence must start with people, not with guns.

The first and most important thing is that we, as a society, must stop thinking about the superficial and the pretentious as the end all be all. We must learn to reason properly and understand root causes of issues correctly. We must learn to think beyond the here and now. We must learn the correct morals and values based on cold-hard reasoning and abandon all that which doesn’t rely on reasoning to exist/believe, i.e., we must abandon blind faith. We must practice Justice. For example, “love thy neighbor as you would your self” is not only stupid but highly unjust. Instead, we should all, “love thy neighbor as much as they’ve earned your love.” We must not lie to our children, white lies and lies to “protect the innocence of our children” are particularly damaging. Also, when children are taught that everyone is a “winner,” this may be good for the here and now and make children feel good, but it is not only a lie, it is not reality, and so, children become greatly disenchanted, disappointed and disillusioned as they grow up. Then it is no wonder that teenagers rebel against authority and their own parents and lose their sense of self. Worse, they don’t know how to deal and cope with the pressures of society and become maladjusted as they “grow-up” into adults. Is it any wonder that some of these unbalanced people then act out in such violence? These things are only the tip of the iceberg of what I want to say, but I can’t get into every detail on this short post.  Therefore, if you are interested in a deeper – way deeper – discussion then please read my book “Under the Constitution with Liberty and Justice for ALL.” It is available at

Having talked about just some of the ways we need to change the way we think, here are my ideas on how to fairly regulate guns. Anyone who wants to own a gun should be allowed to do so under the following conditions:

1) They must have a legitimate reason for owning gun(s) such as for personal protection; other Just reasons for owning guns may be for hunting, collecting (this has to be a very special category), protection for small business owners that deal with a lot of cash, security personnel, people with a public profile, law enforcement personnel, people in the judicial system, amongst other reasons.

2) They must have no criminal record, especially of violent crimes; if they do then they must demonstrate that they have changed and deserve reconsideration – this should be a very difficult hurdle to overcome

3) They must pass a battery of psychological tests and cannot have certain mental illnesses that may make the individual susceptible to any type of violence

4) They cannot live with anyone that has certain mental illnesses, e.g., delusional paranoia

5) All members of the household, including the gun owner, must take courses in gun safety and use as well as courses in laws pertaining to gun use before the buyer is allowed to own guns

6) Every so often – to be decided by the President and Congress or Governors and State Legislatures – both owners and household members must renew their course work in gun safety and use and laws pertaining to gun use

7) All guns must be registered with the local police department

8) All guns must be manufactured with a built-in safety code or lock that can prevent the gun from being fired by anyone other than the owner of the gun; this code must be entered to activate the gun (or use finger and palm prints); also, this safety mechanism must be remotely accessible so that if the weapon is stolen a remote code can be sent to render the gun useless, permanently

9) All guns must be sold with a lock box that requires a six-digit code and hand print reader that is also temperature sensitive

10) All guns must be stored in the lock box and in households, the lock boxes with the gun inside of it must be stored in a safe, but for one gun in a lock box that can be kept outside of the safe for easy and immediate access for home protection

11) All purchases of ammunition must be registered with the local police department and also kept in a lock box with a six-digit code and hand print reader that is also temperature sensitive; any ammunition spent must be reported to the local police department and spent shell casings must be deposited with the local police department as proof of use

12) All guns must be stored separately from the ammunition, except for the single gun that is needed for home protection, which can be kept in the lock box loaded with ammunition

13) The single loaded weapon that is kept outside of the safe, but in a lock box must be kept out of the reach of children

14) There shall be no ban on any type of gun or ammunition or ammunition clip sizes

15) All guns must be transported in the original lock box and when taken out of the primary residence, the weapon may be loaded and additional ammunition may be stored in the same lock box as the weapon

16) However, if a concealed weapons permit is acquired by an individual then the gun may be carried outside of the lock box in a proper holster made for the weapon and additional ammunition may be carried in a proper manner and the gun may be unlocked for use before leaving the owner’s home (unless it has a palm and fingerprint reader, in which case it will not require unlocking)

I’m sure there are few things that can be refined and added to my list and I look forward to comments.

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