If you believe that majority opinion, desires and wants are right and moral or that majority vote makes something that is inherently evil, unjust and immoral, good, Just and moral then you are suggesting that such things as suffrage should not have been allowed, segregation laws should have been kept and slavery should not have been abolished. Why? Because the majority of people, even some women, didn’t think that women should be allowed to vote, majority of white people did not think that whites and blacks were equal and should remain segregated and majority of Americans did not believe Lincoln was right to free the slaves (not necessarily because they didn’t think it was the right thing to do, but because of “practical” reasons). Yet, despite majority opinion, women did get the right to vote, racial minorities were finally given equal status to whites, and slaves were freed.

Right is right and wrong is wrong; it doesn’t matter that everyone but one person thinks it’s right, if it is inherently wrong, it’s wrong. For example, if the world decided that the right thing to do was to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you jump? This example further illustrates the fact that some things cannot be, should not be and must never be subject to a vote.  These inalienable rights include: Freedom of speech, freedom of philosophy (including religion), right to one’s own life and liberty, right to pursue one’s happiness, right to one’s property (including income and money), right to be married and have a family (not necessarily man and woman and not necessarily by birthing children). Yet many of these rights are violated by our government and the majority of the people in this country without them even knowing that they are doing so.

This travesty must end and the only ones that can ended are, ironically, the majority of the people in the US or the Supreme Court of the USA.

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