Glee should be split between Glee and Glee: NYADA like CSI and NCIS has different venues. Glee: NYADA should introduce Anna Kendricks (character name Isa Bell, short for Isadora Bell) as a new character. She’d be a very shy person that has incredible singing abilities and can dance very well too. She’d be a transfer student from Yale, where she ran into Quinn Fabray, who made her life miserable. Not necessarily because Quinn was mean to Isa, but because of Quinn’s competitive nature, Isa shrinks like a wilting flower. After a nervous breakdown, Isa decides to quit Yale, and she goes to see a psychologist. While in one of her early sessions with her psychologist, she reveals that all she dreams about is being on broadway and performing as the lead in famous Broadway musicals. The psychologist, like any doubting Tom, believes that Isa is overreaching and so the psychologist asks Isa to sing and decides to let Isa hear her own singing, since the psychologist records all her sessions. After one or two halting starts, and semi-fake assurances from the psychologist, Isa closes her eyes and imagines herself on a Broadway stage singing I Dreamed a Dream. She not only blows away the psychologist, she blows away Carmen Tibideaux, who happens to be seeing the same psychologist and is sitting out in the waiting room. The session ends with the psychologist dumb-founded and Isa running out of the office thinking the psychologist hated her singing. Carmen watches Isa run out of the office with a surprised look on her face. As Carmen goes into the psychologist’s office and closes the door, we hear Carmen saying, “Who is she?”

In the next episode, we see Isa sulking in her room listening to music and softly singing along and her father walks-in and says to Isa, music isn’t going to help her find her way in life. He appears to be tender and caring, but he really doesn’t get Isa and doesn’t know how to help her. He tries to advise her to go back to Yale, but not major in drama, but pursue something that has a future, like medicine. Isa doesn’t say much and tries to tell him that she can’t think about anything else but music and wants to go to NYADA. Her father cuts her off and starts to get mad, but then gets it together and reminds her that he knows what he’s doing, and has made all the right decisions for her through her life and that Isa should listen to him now. Outside in the corridor, Isa’s mother listens quietly, and wants to help Isa, but dare not interrupt her husband. And, so, we find out that Isa takes after her mother, at least externally. When her mother goes into console Isa, Isa takes out her frustration on her mother, which crushes Isa’s mother. She turns around and we see Isa’s mother shed a tear, not because she’s upset at Isa, but because she feels Isa’s pain. As she walks out of Isa’s room, she quietly says to Isa that she will talk to her husband about sending Isa to NYADA. That evening, Isa’s mother starts to talk to her husband about sending Isa to NYADA, but gets shot down. After a quiet pause, Isa’s mother says that she wants a divorce and her husband just brushes it off. But she repeats her self and adds emphatically, but not loudly, that she is absolutely dead serious. This gets her husband’s attention and the camera fades out.

We see in the next episode the camera focused in on a resume that Carmen Tibideaux is reading. It doesn’t have much in terms of dramatic arts credential, but Carmen recognized the name and decided to see if what she heard in the psychologist’s office was just a fluke or for real. We hear Carmen call Isa on to stage. Isa freezes, because she has no idea why she’s on stage performing for Carmen Tibideaux who she can’t see because of the lights, but knows who she is. After the second freeze, Carmen dismisses her with a smug disdain, “That’s it, please leave my stage! I guess your not what I thought! Who’s next?!” As Isa turns around and starts walking away, she gets mad at her self and starts thinking about what her mother did for her. Not wanting to disappoint her mother’s sacrifice, she starts singing I’d Give My Life for You (from Miss Saigon). She blows away Carmen and even surprises herself at the emotional intensity of her singing. But before Carmen can say anything, Isa runs off the stage crying thinking that she was not getting into NYADA. A couple of days later, we see Carmen knocking on Isa’s apartment in NYC, the one she now lives in with just her mother. Isa opens the door with trepidation knowing who’s at the door. They sit down for a chat and her mother brings out some fruit and coffee for Carmen, which she politely refuses. Carmen asks Isa why she wants to go to NYADA and Isa answers because she loves to sing. When asked why she loves to sing, Isa says that it makes her feel good, asked why it makes her feels good, Isa doesn’t know what to say. Carmen is disappointed, but then her mother asks Isa, “how (not why) does it make you feel, Isa?” To this question, Isa’s face finally lights up, and she closes her eyes and starts to say how it makes her feel, and she does so through song: Flashdance … What a Feeling. As she starts to sing, the camera fades out from her face and focuses on a light then zooms out to reveal a stage where we see Isa dancing and singing to Flashdance … What a Feeling. This is where we first learn that Isa can not only sing, but can also dance.

The next scene, we see Isa in the dance class with Rachel and the evil Kate Hudson (Cassandra July). Cassandra (Cassy) has a new target and unleashes her fury on Isa; given that Rachel won the competition, Cassy can hardly ride Rachel anymore. Rachel is relieved, but feels for Isa and approaches her after class to convey her sympathies and understanding. Cassy, seeing this, makes a derogatory comment about the two “losers.” Next we find Rachel, Isa and Kurt sitting together in Rachel and Kurt’s apartment setting up for dinner, which Kurt cooked. It’s not much, but as they dig-in, Rachel asks about Isa’s experiences with the admissions and finds out that Isa was at Yale. They have a pleasant conversation and Isa leaves thinking that she made two new friends. That night Rachel calls Quinn and gets the scoop on Isa. At first Quinn is a little reluctant, but decides to tell Rachel the truth about Isa’s singing ability, which makes Rachel very concerned, because she’s worried about the competition from Isa. The next day, Isa approaches Rachel to do lunch after class, but Rachel makes an excuse to get out of lunch and goes off to think about Isa. She reminisces about WMHS and remembers what she did to Charice (Sunshine Corazon) and vows to not do that to Isa. At lunch, she finds Isa, but Isa is already hurt and doesn’t want anything to do with Rachel. And so the competition begins … .

Who will win the battle of song and dance … there will be no ties, just one winner and one loser!

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