Our country has so lost focus on how to be rational and think rationally that we call that which is black, white. It’s like people are asked what color is the paint in an Olympic-size swimming pool full of pure white paint and they all answer, “white.” Then a single drop of black paint is mixed into the pool of white paint and again people are asked what color is the paint, and they all answer, “white.” Ten minutes later, a second single drop of black paint is mixed in to the pool of white paint with one drop of black paint and again people are asked what color is the paint, and they all still answer, “white.” This goes on and on and on and now people answer white reflexively without thinking, observing and testing. After a very, very long while, the pool of paint turns black, but people still answer white because that’s what’s been going on for generations. This is what’s been happening with our thinking for the last 80 years or so. People are so used to being corrupted, they don’t realize they’ve totally been corrupted and, now, they think wrong is right and right is wrong! Look at our tax system and look what are leaders are saying about our tax system! It’s pathetic what our country has turned into. We need to fix this and fix it now, before we go over the cliff, permanently! All we have to do is look at countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece to know what confronts us in the future, if we continue to go down the road of socialism and expansive social programs. It really isn’t rocket science, yet the vast majority of people don’t seem to understand this. It’s really very, very perturbing, especially since it is as plain as the nose on my face that we are indeed and truly headed for a cliff with the continuous expansion of socialist policies and social programs. The funny thing is that the very programs that were designed to help the poor are what’s going to ultimately end up hurting the poor the most. Again, we only have to look to Europe and specifically countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece to know what confronts us, if we don’t reverse the socialist policies that have been instituted and expanded over the last 80 years or so.

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