How does anyone say with a straight face that the rich don’t pay their fair share when the top 1% make 17% of income and pay 37% of income taxes at an average tax rate of 24%, the top 10% make 43% of income and pay 71% of income taxes at an average rate of 18%, while the bottom 50% make almost 14% of the income and pay only 3% of income taxes at an average rate of 2%? What color is the sky in the world of socialists and liberals? If we want to be fair and Just to everyone, we should assesses the same amount of taxes to everyone. To cover only the three essential services that our central government should provided — self-defense, infrastructure, and education — everyone that makes an income should pay about $15,000/year in taxes. This is fair because everyone gets the same services for the same price. Actually, in reality, the poor would benefit more so it still favors the poor more than the rich.

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