Socialists and liberals proclaim that the rich owe society, because the rich didn’t make their money on their own and thus should pay way more taxes than the poor. However, given that the poor benefit way more from government programs (i.e., the “society”) than the rich do, I would contend that the poor owe more to society than the rich.  So, using the logic of the liberals and socialists, shouldn’t the poor pay more taxes than the rich, since they benefit more from “society?”  In reality, the bottom 35%-50% of income earners in this country pay no income taxes or close to no income taxes, so how is this right?  Because the rich can afford it?  That’s ridiculous. Given that the vast majority of people have two kidneys, and really only need one, the next time someone needs a kidney to live shall we force someone with two healthy kidneys to give one up since they can afford it. And, please don’t say money and kidneys aren’t the same thing, because I never said so either. If you don’t get the analogy that I’m making then you’ve got more problems than you think.

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