Religion – namely judeo-christian religion – is nothing more than a philosophy.  And, in our society, the dominant force in the way we think.  However, as a philosophy, it is a miserable failure, and dangerous and antithetical to the true American way of life. Also, as it is the motive behind the vast majority of the way people think, if there is a root of all evil then religion would be it, not money. Money cannot talk, money doesn’t make arguments, and money is an inanimate object. Therefore, you’d have to be pretty stupid to think that the money is the root of anything. Money, simply put, is a tool like a hammer, a gun or a knife. A gun in the hands of a police officer defending citizens is used for good and is for good, but the gun in the hands of those that are shooting at us and police officers that are defending us is used for evil and is for evil. Bottom-line is that money only reflects the Six Pillars — morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty — of the person that is spending/wielding the money. No more, no less. So, money used for evil by evil people will cause evil to occur, while money used for good, by good people will cause good things to happen.

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