There are only six things that define everyone:  Morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor and honesty (the six pillars).  However, most people can’t even define these terms and when asked “who are you?” can only define themselves in terms of the supremely superficial.  Unfortunately, this is very sad.  However, you have to first understand what morals, values, ethics, integrity, honor, and honesty are. Morals are that which is right vs. wrong, values are that which you believe is important or has value to you, ethics are the physical manifestation of your morals and values, integrity is the preservation of your morals, values and ethics, honor is the physical manifestation of one’s integrity under all circumstances and situations , and honesty is self-explanatory. Every human being on earth can be defined by their Six Pillars and there is no more fundamental character traits and basic building block to humans and who they are. Find yourself through the Six Pillars then you can make a huge difference, first in your own life then in the lives of others.

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